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January 15, 2023



If you have ever spent an afternoon or a weekend at a Korean sauna, you remember vividly that experience and chances are that you can’t wait to return again. Korean saunas are unique in the sense that they mix tradition, modernity, all in one place, for a very affordable price. What makes them a staple of Korean culture and traditional Korean sauna culture can help you sweat out all life and foot worries, in a natural way. But if you lack time or the opportunity to travel to South Korea or one of the saunas in other countries where Korean immigrants opened saunas, read what Clapoti can do for you.

  • Love your feet better and again with our Clapoti unique approach
  • Get started with a solid foot care routine stress-free
  • Reap the fully benefits of organic peeling for your feet

In Korea alone, there are more than 4000 local saunas where locals go to relax in hot and cold pools, dry and steamed rooms, scrub massage areas, and communal resting rooms. A visit to the Korean sauna doesn’t feel like the luxurious, secluded, experience spas at 5-star hotels one usually looks for. Most local bathhouses focus on boosting health through natural techniques and ingredients. In all Korean neighborhoods, you will find a local sauna for you to join. Before the pandemic hit, most saunas were open 24 hours a day. 

Korean saunas are structured on 3 floors - where basement has pools and is the same-sex visitors. The 1st floor is the communal area where you can find the saunas, restaurants, cafés and the 2nd floor features swimming pools and other amenities.

Korean saunas follow the same directed path that takes locals in one direction through nearly each floor, very similar to an IKEA floor strategy. The guided routine takes the burden off choosing where to go next, or choosing which therapy to engage with. Following a Korean sauna is about being taken through a roller coaster of high heats, refreshing rooms, hot baths up to 90 degrees, cold waters, and letting the body give up by resting on a heated floor, or giving away itself to a vigorous body scrub. 

Most facilities follow the same pattern: you enter the facility, and take off your shoes. You walk in slippers to your assigned locker, with a bracelet you use to pay for food and drinks extras, slip on a loungy v-neck shirt top and a wide legs-short embroidered with the logo of the sauna, and a couple of towels. You change in the same-sex locker room and join the first floor, where everyone gathers, walking barefoot on the heated floor, wearing the same outfit, pared down and minimal, making it easier to relax. Mats are spread everywhere and people relax on the floor itself.

On this first floor, multiple heated and cold rooms await you, encapsulated in dome-like traditional shapes, or by themes. There is the charcoal room, the cloud room, the cypress room, the foot bath or the traditional painted room of ancient King’s times. Each room is set to a specified temperature level that can range from +30° C (86° F) to + 90° C (194° F) and has a natural decoration that goes with it. The simplicity of each room gives you at any moment a sense of comfort and familiarity that are pleasing to the brain and the body. 

After your brain gets soothed by the clutter-free, simple, and pure environment, the heat starts to work on your body. Sauna rooms are set up for you to lay down on a straw mat, or directly on himalayan salt, with a block of wood to rest your neck. Some of the rooms emanate all natural ingredients like herbs or use natural material like charcoal that have specific function from increasing blood flow to relieve stressed muscles, or help the lymphatic system or the respiratory system. After ten to twenty minutes, when sweat starts to stain your shirt, and your head starts to float, you look for a icy room to refresh, get a sip of water, wipe down the sweat from your face, and enter another heated dome, this time with a higher heat temperature. Find a friend on the way, grab them and take them to chat in the sauna. After repeating the visits in these saunas, it slowly takes down the stress of your brain, your body is relaxing and ready to join the mat area where everyone is laying down, drinking cold drinks to cool down. Some saunas have direct luminotherapy on the floor so that your body can regenerate through these lights.

People take long breaks between sessions, have a look at their phone, chat with a friend, have some rest and nap. And gradually, the stress flows out of your body and vanishes into thin air. 

After this guided repetition, once you have basked a few times in the heated rooms, you head down to the water area located in the basement, separated by gender. Everyone is naked. Same as on the upper floors, you follow a strict routine, alternating between the hot baths and cold plunge water pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and steamed water rooms. Gradually, your skin starts to change, replenish, refresh, leaving you with a new refreshing feeling.  

Looking at your naked body makes you more connected to it. Walking around bouncy, wrinkles, ripples, body parts of all sizes, shapes, and skins gives you a real life experience of being a human, and provides an additional sense of relief about your own self. Far away from magazines, with photoshopped bodies, this environment of pools makes you feel good about yourself and your own skin. 

Once your skin is totally soft after so many heated and cold treatments,  the ultimate strike of spending a day at the Korean sauna, that will help boost circulation and regain a smooth complexion, is the scrub chamber. With the help of a grainy glove, a lady will scrub your dead skin away, from head to toe, throw buckets of water and finish it up with a foot or a body massage. 

After a day at the Korean sauna, the achievement of a healthy appearance of your skin and a clear mind through a self-imposed rigorous routine, different steps, makes you want to come back. As a cultural tradition, that draws entire families multiple times a week to the local bathhouse, visitors visit the sauna to socialize, relax for four to six hours in a row, even more sometimes to sleep their week off or get away from a stressful work life.

Because we all love this feeling of feeling refreshed, get smoothed skin feet, we founded Clapoti, an innovative new footcare line to help everyone feel more comfortable in their own skin, the Korean sauna way, especially if you are living far away from a Korean spa or prefer to get the same natural health benefits of skin tightening, relaxation and repair, and all-natural relaxation techniques, from home.

At the moment, the products are available in the UK and in the US. 

Here are the 3 top reasons why Clapoti unique’s approach is reinventing the way footcare can be done the Korean sauna way, from home:

1- You will love your feet more and again

In Western countries, you tend to walk in your house with shoes on, and you barely get to see your feet until you take a shower or go to bed. You tend to feel them in an unpleasant moment, when the soles chafe against your bed sheets at night or when you put on our socks. Unfortunately, no pedicare is available closeby and you have little time to spend researching a foot care place. 

With Clapoti, you don’t have to have this feeling anymore. You don’t have to research, or be in that place, or figure out how to book a time. We are providing you with an innovative foot care product line, with treatments solely dedicated to your foot health, that will make you fall in love with your feet.

Very early on, you will look at your feet, experience the cozyness of our masks, and start to activate the blood flow points under your soles. 

This means you get to take off your shoes, sit down, give your feet a considerate peeling, and achieve that healthy feet look you get after a visit to the Korean sauna. 

By starting to get your feet naked, looking at them, aerating them, you are taking the first steps towards better foot awareness. 

2- You’ll experience solid foot care routine stress-free

Korean sauna experience is about giving yourself up a skincare and bodycare routine, alternating heat with cold, soaking with massage on a weekly basis. 

Our routine gives you the fundamental keys for you to know where to start your foot care, know how to do it and how often. Practicing foot care with a selection of products that will cleanse, peel, and moisturize will help you just sit, relax and enjoy the process.  

The right approach, along with the natural techniques will help you recreate the Korean sauna routine from home. When you use any of Clapoti products, you will get the same health and relaxation experience. This might sound too good to be true, but it will be actually happening. 

We recommend that you get on this routine every week, and after a few weeks, you will notice notable improvements on your body comfort, your foot skin appearance and your overall foot well-being.

3- You’ll reap the fully benefits of organic peeling for your feet

Who wants to have their skin shedding like a snake for two weeks and leave little pieces of skin everywhere like Tom Thumb? Let others do that. Planning around a vacation, an important event, or just training for our fitness goal is already something we are busy with. Let us take care of your foot improvement without consequences on your busy life.

Clapoti is driven by ensuring the most efficient results so that you can get the highest benefits wherever you are and keep on going with your life. 

We have worked with a research laboratory in South Korea to create the most natural way to even the tone of your skin, make it healthier and plumpier, like after an afternoon at the Korean spa. We sourced the products from local Korean farms, to get the organic ingredients so that your skin will safely absorb.

As any other natural peeling, Clapoti exfoliant contains an organic formula that will melt the skin surface, and even the dry skin after a few uses.  

Instead of removing harshly the top surface, our formula works in depth, and addresses the natural regeneration process of what natural skin is, akin to the belief of Korean products and the Korean sauna way. 

Ready to check the products out? Check our products more in depth!



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Clapoti brings traditional Korean skincare rituals into modern footcare. Made organically with natural ingredients, we developed our product with your comfort in mind.

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