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Korea-born, US-based Clapoti founder Marie Perruchet first experienced Korean spas and foot reflexology in Shanghai. After moving to Europe she struggled to find similar footcare experience, so she took it upon herself to create it.

Challenging Western countries under-utilised potential for body self-care, Marie subscribes to a foot routine that appeals to her Asian heritage and wisdom, where natural looking feet are as important as overall foot well-feeling.

Leaving superficial beauty standard behind, Marie says her goal is “to discover and share the most effective products I could find during my travels, bring beauty heritage to people so that they can nourish feet, and feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Our commitment to high-quality and strong partnerships

Our commitment to high-quality and strong partnerships

Customer satisfaction

Our aim is to serve and satisfy our customers through product availability, safety, and efficiency.

Asian-centred manufacturing

The production networks in South Korea and East Asia, specifically in the cosmetic industries, have been widely recognized as the most advanced in the world.

Official certifications

We are prioritising cruelty-free, sustainable, and toxin-free options as our number one priority. European CPNP and FDA export certificates are under process.

Exclusive volume discounts

Get exclusive pricing when buying in bulk.

Product training and support

Brand resellers and distributors are provided ongoing, online and in-person training to maintain the brand image and quality.

Easy payments

Secure and easy payments through our platform. Wire transfers available too.

Reliable network of supply partners

We found true partners sharing our foot healthcare goals and helping achieve our supply chain goals ensuring products reach the destination  safely.

Private Label solutions

We offer our clients custom designed concepts and solutions.

Marketing and Branding Services

We help you define your brand so that it reflects your business vision and mission, and create brand guidelines to communicate consistently.

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What do people say

"Reactivity and keeping up with the trends is key. As a spa owner, we don't have the resources and time to search the latest products for our customers. I love how Clapoti is able to make this happen."
Regiano C, Spa Manager

How Healthcare workers are using our products

Provide some rest relief to nurses, doctors and healthcare workers. 
Help them reconnect with their feet under pressure in sneakers all day long
An easy solution to slip on when they come back from their shift

Improve their day-to-day efficiency by providing them a foot care solution that will alleviate their pain.

How Hospitality workers are using our products

Did you know that 1/11 person in the world works in hospitality? 
Provide hospitality workers the same 5 star level of experience they give to their clients and customers.
As health and safety measures are now top of mind for hospitality workers, provide them with a hygienic solution while they are on a break or coming back from a long day standing.

Make them feel they are being take care of and provide the best experience to their customers.

How runners and hikers are using our products

Runners and hikers depend on their feet to take them so far. 
Extra moisture, pressure on toes and fear of ingrowing nails can turn a long hike or a marathon into a nightmare. 
As more moisture is lost during intense efforts, keeping feet regularly hydrated is fundamental to healthy feet.

Help them maintain continuous foot care for better performance management.

How friends and families are using our products

With Clapoti solutions, a catchup coffee or movie turn can easily turn into a spa time with your friends and family. 
Single use and covering foot mask make it easy to uncover your feet and turn off any foot odor from the shared rooms.
Chilling out in front of a movie or just by yourself, creates a self-care moment and unforgettable memories.

Help them create long-lasting memories by doing foot well-being together.

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We have observed that foot care market has been completely ignored by organic brands. There is this disconnect of how people address their face and their body but tend to forget about their feet. Education is a big part of Clapoti. Healthy feet is their mission and we are glad to be part of this.

By Linda. J Spa CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

We can ship large orders from South Korea, USA and Europe.

Are products made in South Korea?

Yes, our products are manufactured in South Korea, developed in Europe and compliant for sales with the European regulations which are the toughest and the strictest in the world.

Are your products tested on animals?

None of our products and ingredients are tested on animals.

Are products natural?

Our products are 80% organic, 99% natural, certified organic in South Korea and in Europe.

How can I request to get a quote to place a bulk order?

Our team will be happy to assist you with your request. You can order on Feel free to send us an email using the form below or by email

About Clapoti

Clapoti brings traditional Korean skincare rituals into modern footcare. Made organically with natural ingredients, we developed our product with your comfort in mind.

For stockists contact

KVK 78283159
Jacob Van Lennepkade 408hs
1053NN Amsterdam The Netherlands
VAT NL003313020B14

35 W 31st st frnt 1
New York NY 10001
United States

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Organic footcare
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Holistic footcare experience crafted over centuries 


Hi. How can we help you?

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What brings you here?

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