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Do you want your feet to look younger and healthier?
Often, foot problems are overlooked because they aren’t visible or painful.
Make your toes and soles look radiant and healthier by exploring where to start.

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Unique High-Quality Product Features

Korean Organic
Traditional Korean Plants
Pleasant Herbal Scent
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Foot Exfoliant Mask

Exfoliate naturally to reveal healthier layers of skin. Dead skin cells pile up all year long, not just before the summer! Our masks will gently soften and improve the tone and the texture of your feet. We recommend exfoliating with our foot masks once or twice a week.

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Foot Cream Mask

Moisturize after your shower or a workout. Right after your feet have been sweating or exposed to water is the best time! Water can strip all the moisture out of your feet. We recommend using our foot cream masks to hydrate your skin two to three times a week.

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Foot Cleanser Gel

Maintain excellent hygiene. After your workout, or whenever you soak your feet, use our gentle foot gel to avoid building harder skin. Rinse and dry well. We recommend you wash daily with our invigorating foot cleanser.

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organic Ingredients

Soft, nourished and radiant skin.

You'll finally be able to switch from pumice stones, and live with the delightful benefits of our foot masks. Try all products and get your feet in shape.

Clapoti formulas are also effective at nourishing, softening, and improving the quality and radiance of skin.

Nothing is worse than dry, rough, cracked, or just plain gross feet. So start to exfoliate with our Foot Masks. Soften, and moisturizing are all included right on the mask.

Our products are made of 80% of organic ingredients
and 99% of natural ingredients.

Star Ingredients from certified organic Korean farms

Perilla plants
The founder was introduced to perilla leaves while eating Korean BBQ years ago. She became obsessed with them ever since and found out that perilla leaves have medicinal properties that penetrate deep into skin without leaving dryness behind.

Green tea leaves
Our formula contains 70% of organic green tea

flower contains powerful antiseptic and cleansing qualities

Clapoti's formulas are incredibly effective.

Nourish, soften, and cultivate healthy-looking skin.

Free from
toxic chemicals

Certified Organic

Dermatology tested

Cruelty Free

Biodegradable pouch


Made by

Not Genetically

Fragrance free

Free from
toxic chemicals

Certified Organic

Dermatology tested

Cruelty Free

Biodegradable pouch


Made by

Not Genetically

Fragrance free

Everything you need to start a foot care routine

Everything you need to start a foot care routine

While discovering foot reflexology in China, and the Korean sauna in California, Clapoti founder learnt how important it is to take care of your feet and she wanted to share her approach with you.
What can be expected are just a few steps of foot care that helps in eradicating uncomfort by just incorporating the right products to your existing skincare routine or start your own routine!


Take the first step with a therapeutic foot scrub, which will slough off the dead skin buildup, which will prevent dryness, while also moisturizing and leaving the skin with a healthy layer.


Next, moisturize after your shower or a workout. This will keep your skin soft. It needs to be applied 2-3 times a week to achieve a radiant foot.


To get the best results from our foot peel and moisturizer, use our invigorating foot cleanser gel to avoid harder skin buildup. This will keep the foot skin fresh and glowing.

Why Masks?

Due to poor oxygenation, feet are more prone to favoring the propagation and spread of harmful bacteria. Our products propose one or more treatments considered to be repeated to create the perfect clean and sterile results.

Our line of product are single use

Our line of single use foot care products are easy to use and can be applied to many foot sizes. They also come with a sticker to fasten the foot mask and cover your whole foot.

Creamy in texture, high in absorption

Made with organic ingredients, our formulas are the perfect moisturizer for your feet care. With Green tea, Ginger and Perilla to smooth and soften skin without clogging pores, and Jojoba Oil to effectively hydrate and rejuvenate, you’ll only need a small amount to make a big difference.

Designed with tear-open design

They’ve been constructed with easy-to-fasten stickers and a tear-open design for easy access to the product.

Why wash your feet with a dedicated foot care product?

Why wash your feet with a dedicated product?

You probably already know that foot care is important for your overall health. But did you know that feet also play a role in your beauty regimen? In fact, they can affect your skin, nails, hair, and even your mood.
Foot creams, lotions, and powders are designed specifically for the treatment of your feet. They contain ingredients that keep your skin soft and supple. They contain ultra-rich emollient and softening formula to get your feet back to normal.

Why scrub your feet?

Why scrub your feet?

The key to keeping your feet clean
is regular foot scrub. Not only does regular foot scrub help keep your feet clean, it also removes sweat, dirt, and other contaminants that can cause buildup and odor.

Scrubbing your feet stimulates blood flow, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells.

Keeping feet clean is also key to preventing and treating common foot problems, such as athlete’s foot or ingrown nails.

Why moisturize your feet regularly?

Why moisturize your feet regularly?

Did you know
your feet actually have sweat glands to help breath? The average person loses 2 quarts of sweat a day and your skin is always exposed to the open.

When your feet are dry, moisturizing oils are not able to travel for treatment of different areas as easily, leading to possible problems on the next level of our skin, in cells, and ultimately in the bloodstream.

Feet are in constant contact with other people, which can lead to dry skin. When your feet are moisturized, the skin is able to better transport treatment to different areas of the skin, which ultimately leads to healthier-looking skin

How to use a foot mask

The foot mask is made up of doubled sheet that is that you can apply directly onto the naked foot and then wear it 10-30 min for maximum benefits. Do not walk without these socks! They are designed for maximum absorption of serum and hygiene.


Begin by tearing up the booties and placing them on your feet.
Then, lay the sticker snugly around your ankle.


Massage the serum into your feet to ensure maximum contact
with the skin.


Take it off and put on your socks or tights again. There is no need to rinse after wearing the mask.

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Why the feet?

Our feet were designed to support us every day but are often ignored, until they look beat up or scratchy.

Feet overuse, shoe pressure leads to thicker calluses, dryer skin arches and when there is too much friction, heel fissures and ingrown toenails start to appear. When there is lack of proper care, the skin of the foot and heel naturally becomes very dry, cracks open, and can lead to pain and risks of infection.

As feet are covered with bacteria just like the rest of the skin, it can cause strong odor as they build up. And over time, our feet develop dead skin more quickly than other areas of the body and need stronger treatment to break through the keratin.

Knowing how to take good care of your feet will not only make them look better, but it is also important to overall foot health.
Starting a regular foot care routine can make a huge difference in preventing dryness, poor blood circulation and bacterias spread.

Why Clapoti?

Made and formulated in South Korea, after medicinal plant-based ingredients sourced from local farms, Clapoti is looking to introduce a new cosmetic consumer brand focused on building foot wellness, and harvesting natural qualities of Korean plants remedies into effective products and instant relief.

100% biodegradable paper packaging

+80% organic ingredients

99% natural ingredients

Presence of metal components

Harsh and irritating chemicals

Uncomfortable mask fit

I love wearing a nice pair of heels to go out but it does hurt my back and my confidence to have such dry heels. With Clapoti foot peeling, I have unbelievable softness, I can finally feel the carpet and I am not hurting my skin with bad chemicals.

By Lisa. L

About Clapoti

Clapoti brings traditional Korean skincare rituals into modern footcare. Made organically with natural ingredients, we developed our product with your comfort in mind.

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